The technique of conversation      sound, mixed media, 4m x 1.5m / 2018

Breath     single channel video, sound, speaker, 56”, loop / 2018

Connect        single channel video, mute, 2’56”, loop / 2018

Drawing N°4                audio cables, speakers, paper, iphone, dimensions variable / 2018

 Repose en Paix (Rest in Peace)                      speakers, sound, amplifier, arduino, 7m x 0.7m x 1m / 2018

                                                                                                                                                   Technical support by Jeon Juhyeong, Kim Seonmyeong

Harmony                sound, soundproof sponge, dimensions variable / 2017

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Nostalgy for the few Op.55748                           Sound (loop), speaker, iPod, in situ, 2017

                                                                                     view installation : turntable at Namwon station(closed)

People’s voices often blend into the sound of the surrounding environment.
When examining someone’s voice, I tend to consider the sound of the surrounding environment that comes with it, and the space in which the voice is heard, along with its tone and emotional impact. Rather than focusing on the linguistic function of words, perhaps it is more important to pay attention to other aspects such as tone, manner of speaking, breathing, intermittent moments of silence, regional and individualized dialects.
During my artist in residence program in Namwon, I recorded stories told by an elderly local resident living alone, who was unable to leave her house due to reduced mobility. As she recounts her life stories, her voice can be heard from the speaker installed in the center of the railway turntable, which conveys some profound feelings of loneliness through sighs, tremor and a unique tone. The railway turntable now looks like an abandoned relic hidden in bushes, and the sense of loneliness and desolation resonating from it resembles the for lorn voice from the speaker. In addition, if we regard life as a path that we must follow, the structure of the railway turntable that turns vehicles to the direction from which they came from is reminiscent of the situation where we’re forced to confront death more closely.

Landscape             Hvibrating speaker, mp3, acrylic box, pigment/ 28’39” sound/ 150x50x20cm / loop / 2017

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Op.50874            sound, LPplayer, speaker, iphone, table, 2.4m x 0.7m x 0.8m / 2016

‘Op. 50874’, as a project involving making LP records out of ceramic, I recorded environmental sounds inside the work studio during my residency at Clayarch Gimhae Museum (e.g., the sound of the potter’s wheel as clay is being moulded, music, voices of anonymous people) and playing them through speakers. At the same time, an unfired white ceramic plate in the shape of a LP record is turning silently on a record player. “Op.” refers to an ‘opus’ or work of classical music, and 50874 is the postal code of Clayarch Gimhae Museum.

On the white ceramic plate, lines reminiscent of the grooves on a vinyl LP record appear like fingerprints as the ceramic is being formed on the potter’s wheel.

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I hear                         porcelain, microphone, cable, stand, 4 m x 1.5 m (dimensions variable) /2016

 ©by Hye-Soon Seo. 

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