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3’00” of sound and 3’00” of silence (loop), installation in situ / 2010

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Sound diffusion made up of existing sound-tracks. The various sources are extracts from three films : Sophie’s Choice by Alan J. Pakula,1982 , Husbands and Wive by  Woody Allen, 1992 et La graine et Le mulet by Abdellatif Kechiche, 2007.
Moment of argument have been captured. Then display consists in broadcasting were superposed. The display consists in broadcasting them via speakers situated in a small cupboard space.
The door stags closed ; the sound is very loud - 3’33” of sound and 3’33” of silence. The door of the supboard space acts as a enormous speaker. It creates a territory with the deafening noise of the arguments, rapidly provoking a felling of uneasiness. The saturated volume, almost unbearable, brings a listening trauma. Then suddenly, there comes the perception of calm like a zen moment.
<< I can hear the calmness. Not the calmness of the countryside, but the calmness of the suddenly frozen in its movement. So tranquil. >> Ocean of Sound by David Toop.

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