Breath     single channel video, sound, speaker, 56”, loop / 2018

Connect        single channel video, mute, 2’56”, loop / 2018

Untitled                    single channel video, 17’20”, loop / 2016-17


Untitled (17’20”) shows a restlessly spinning wheel that forms a bowl without any camera action, while four old pop songs, "Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will be Will be)," "Too Young”, “Young love”, “Moon river”, "Besame    Mucho," and "Over and Over," are played as the background music.

Into the sound                           88cm x 13cm x 13cm, porcelain, camera tripod, in situ, installations presented in video, 1'51 ", 2011

The ceramic studio works for the manufacture of ceramic parts. My interest of in this space , when the kilns   begin to work, and then, each machine makes a loud noise that fills the space. Following the work of Sonoscopes,the idea to a situation in a sonoscope in this environment came to me because the  deafening noise resoundseven more and producing a  amplification of sound volume sonoscope. Its resonance is in harmony with the noiseof the machines where it was born.

Lag in a space / time               single channel video, sound, 0'49 " loop, 2011

Timbre                    videoprojection, 3’09” (loop), mute / 2010                               

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