Op.13 – 71days                    104 white tiles, 36 black tiles, small stones, dust, 5.2m x 0.6m  / 2013

Sonocarpet           3m x 3m, variable  dimension, white tiles in faience, 2013
                                realized in the residence artist of Triangle France at the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille

Beyond                1.5 x 3m (variable dimension), porcelain, sound diffusion, mini speaker, mp3, 2010-11

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10'17"                   127cm x 80cm x 80cm, porcelain, wood, rhodoid, 2009-10

The perception of time plays a fundamental role in acoustics. This project plays between time and sound in its contemplative and ephemeral aspect. The hourglass was built without the lower cone; it lets porcelain sand flow through but cannot be inverted. It produces a “new” sound of the friction between the plastic cone and the porcelain sand, its rhythm spreading throughout the space over time.

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For John Cage            2.5m x 0.5m, 12 radio, microphone, amplifier, socle, sound diffusion to the street, 2011

Sonoscopes                        88 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm, 110 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm, porcelain, metal supports, 2010     

                                                                                                                                *photo by Sonia cruchon, Jean-Jacques Birgé

Le pic du Midi de Bigorre (2 877m) is situated in the Haute Pyrénées in the south of France. It is world-famous as an astronomic observatory and television relay.
Playing on the words “telescope” and “sonority”, it obtains the word “sonoscopes”. These are two ceramic tubes that can “observe” the ceramic resonance. Their different lengths resonate with different sounds with the turbulence of the wind in the surroundings. The pieces are totally in keeping with the local environment.

Black Box               25cm x 15.5cm x 11cm, wood, screws, 2010

Black box devices used in planes record flight information which can be analyzed to determine the cause of an incident or accident. There are two types of black boxes: Cockpit Voice Recorders used to record conversations in the cockpit, and Flight Data Recorders used to record flight information.
The system of the phonic recording appears interesting: the reproduction of this object is there only to receive waves in the exhibition space. It is dumb its function is to occupy the space like the installation itself.

Silence                           3’33” of sound and 3’33” of silence (loop), Installation in situ, 2010

Sound diffusion made up of existing sound-tracks. The various sources are extracts from three films: Sophie’s Choice by Alan J. Pakula, 1982, Husbands, and Wive by  Woody Allen, 1992 et La graine et Le mulet by Abdellatif Kechiche, 2007.
Then display consists of broadcasting that the moments of the argument have been captured, superposed with three films. And this sound broadcast via speakers situated in cupboard space.
The door remains closed; the sound is very loud - 3’3” of sound and 3’3” of silence. The door of the cupboard space acts as an enormous speaker. It creates a territory with the deafening noise of the arguments, rapidly provoking a feeling of uneasiness. The saturated volume, almost unbearable, brings a listening trauma. Then suddenly, there comes the perception of calm like a zen moment.
<< I can hear the calmness. Not the calmness of the countryside, but the calmness of the suddenly frozen in its movement. So tranquil. >> Ocean of Sound by David Toop. 

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Tinnitus                150 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm, faience, electric wire, 2009-10

In his “anechoic chamber” John Cage notices that silence does not exist because two sounds persist: one’s own heartbeat and the acute sound of the nervous system.
Tinnitus is an auditory sensation not linked to an acoustic origin outside one’s own organism. A buzzing, whistling or even a tinkling may be heard in the head or in the ear.
This work shows a huge set of earphones linked by a wire. They emit no sound towards the exterior. Yet the shape makes us imagine our own internal body sound, such as we cannot share with others ...

Cage                     porcelain, 43 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm 2008-10

The garden Massey in Tarbes in France is a favorite place for family walks. In spring and summer, this park is impressive: birdsong can be heard there, polyphonic, choral, and harmonic. The tiny bodies of the birds are invisible in the huge trees. The birdsong is diffused from various distances.
This local context led me to imagine a porcelain cage which, paradoxically cannot imprison birds. But it evokes the image of birdsong through its poetic shape and its finesse.

Untitled           56 x 40 x 1,5 cm , plaster, 2007-08

Two plaster speakers are hung on a wall like tow pictures in a space where the open windows and doors let us hear the sounds of the surroundings and those on the distance within an exhibition situation. This room plays on the difference between visual and auditory perception.
The installation consists of the concept of the interior / exterior architecture. Our visual sense is attracted by the speakers and invites us to listen to the surrounding sounds as if they were emitted simply by the image; auditory space a prisoner of visual space. The territory occupied by the sound is reduced to the space occupied by the image.

 ©by Hye-Soon Seo. 

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